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The introductory Spanish language course A1 is a language course starting from scratch. We assume you don’t know a word of Spanish yet. We start our studies by clarifying letters and letter combinations and move forward step by step. By the end of the course, you will be able to converse with simpler expressions, understand simple ordinary speech and texts, and write what you have learned in this course without grammatical and orthographic errors.

When you finish our A1 course, you will fully understand the following listening exercise!


In this beginner’s Spanish course, we teach both basic vocabulary and grammar in a very special way. All learning is 100% internet-based e-learning in a learning environment. We have prepared 30 educational videos with a duration of 30-60 minutes, with which you will acquire the basic level as easily as possible, but quickly. In the educational videos, we explain the new material as much as possible, and at the end of each video there is also a repetition part about all the material learned. We use an effective repetitive memorization methodology. No stuffing! Constant repetition and detailed explanations help even the most confused learner to understand the language.

Our unique beginner Spanish language course A1 is suitable for practically everyone! All you need is an internet connection so that you can log into the learning environment, where all topics are available with study videos, listening exercises and downloadable material.
If you have attended language courses before and had problems memorizing new material, this will definitely not happen with our course! Forget bad memories and the fact that you have no talent for languages! Just listen to our study videos and the clear and simple explanations make the grammar completely understandable. The repetition part of each topic consolidates everything learned. Is this introductory Spanish course also suitable for “quick learner” students? It still fits, and right away! Namely, as an intensive course, such students can complete both educational videos and other material at a pace that suits them. The speed of learning is determined by the learner himself! You can complete this initial course in two months or one year – the choice is yours! All material is immediately available to you in the learning environment 24/7. Access to the learning environment is always guaranteed!

Our introductory Spanish course has 30 topics. Each topic has one study video with new words, grammar and revision. Everything seen in the video is explained by “squeezing”!
In addition to the educational video, you will also find a listening exercise, the content of which is taken only from the studied material. The listening exercises are read in real Spanish, just like all the other Spanish texts in the educational videos. For self-checking, text in both Spanish and Estonian has been added under the hidden buttons! Repeat the listening exercise until you understand it completely.
Each topic also has downloadable materials (new words and grammar). This gives a good opportunity to print out all the grammar and words and repeat them on paper if necessary.
Our introductory Spanish course videos should be taken in order, as this course is built on the principle that each subsequent topic builds on the previous and previous ones. Our course is suitable for students with both auditory and visual memory, because in all videos you hear and see the learning material at the same time.

Upon completion of the A1 introductory Spanish language course, you can take the final test, and if you pass it successfully, you will also receive a corresponding e-certificate for completing the A1 language course.

* All our courses remain open. Unlimited usage time allows you to learn forever
* Even after taking the final test, you can repeat all the materials again and again. Access to learning videos and listening exercises is unlimited.
* All updates and added materials in the learning environment are free for our students
* You can purchase our courses with a one-time payment, no other costs are added
* Our learning environment is open 24/7
* You only need a computer, tablet or phone with an internet connection to learn

If within the first 7 days you feel that the beginner Spanish course is not for you, you will receive a 100% refund!

Join our course today! We are sure that our Spanish course will become your favorite!

After completing the A1 elementary course, it is recommended to continue with the A2 pre-intermediate level course .

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